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Freedom Park - Fenton MI

If you live in or visit Fenton, MI  you have probably passed this little triangle of land on Shiawassee Ave. I have lived in the Fenton area for over 30 years and have never stopped at this little park until yesterday. It is kind of cool, the information that you can learn there. Watch the video to learn more about Freedom Park in Fenton, MI.

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Fenton, MI Area Housing Market June 2018

The Fenton, MI housing market is hot. It's been a seller's market for a couple years and is not letting up. Now is the time to buy a new home and at the same time now is a great time to sell your home.

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The Door Opener

In the real estate business an agent that works with buyers may be referred to as a door opener.  Typically as a Realtor, you do not want to referred to as a door opener. I've been a Realtor for over 6 years now and as far back as I can remember I have been a door opener. When I was young I was taught to be polite and that included opening and holding doors for others.  I've carried that forward through my adult life. In real estate I have put myself in position to open as many doors as I can for others and that does not mean just the front door of a home.  Unfortunately, in this business some people list their homes and they do not sell and become an expired listings. I do everything I can for these people to open the door for them to move into the new home that they desire. Myself and the brokerage here at Century 21 Metro Brokers open the door to new agents  to give them the education and the experiences to be a successful Realtor and not just an average Realtor. I open the door to experienced agents who have plateaued and want to grow their business. I also open the door for people that just need some encouragement in life to get past a situation. If you're looking for someone to open a door for you in Michigan, call, text or email me, Dave Broadworth 810-347-5354,

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